Religious Education

Religious Education Classes are on Sundays at 11:15am-12:45pm for all grade levels.

In our Religious Education Program we are committed to assist you in your daily responsibility of forming your child to be a good christian.  The catechists pray and prepare diligently to provide good, wholesome classes.  All children are encouraged to attend and learn more about the Catholic Faith. 

Students are required to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. Two complete years of classes are also required for the reception of the sacraments. 

Religious Education Class Placement

1st and 2nd Grade            First Communion

3rd and 4th Grade            Liturgical Studies (church practices & doctrine)

5th and 6th Grade             Bible History – preconfirmation

7th and 8th Grade             Confirmation

9th – 12th Grade               Review, living our faith, and community service projects

First Communion Classes:

1st, 2nd and 3rd grades – Upon completion they will go into the Liturgical studies class

4th and 5th grades – Upon completion, they will go into the Bible History Class

6th and above – Upon completion, they will go into the Confirmation Class. This class is an advanced fast paced class with mandatory assignments outside of the classroom.

Entrance into the Confirmation Class requires at least one year of Religious Education (Bible History) class the year prior to starting the two-year Confirmation program as specified in the Diocese of Charleston Policy Statement. Students will be evaluated to determine if he/she is ready to move on to the next level according to the Diocese of Charleston Policy Statement:

            “Readiness – not chronological age or school grade – will determine a person’s preparedness to encounter Christ in a sacramental celebration. The person is ready to celebrate the Sacrament when the parents, catechists, and pastor, through dialogue, find the awareness and ability appropriate to age and maturity    (See Code of Canon Law 913§1).”

Brunch is provided for the students prior to attending class. This is a good time 
to stop by and say hi to your student's catechist.








If you are intersted in registering your child/children for Religious Education, please contact Mrs. Cecilia Carlton, DRE at the parish office, 843-546-7416.                         

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